Megatrends and Changing Conditions as Challenges for Coporate Communications


April 2015 – März 2018

Scientific Lead

Prof. Dr. Ulrike RöttgerChristian Wiencierz, M.A.


Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft (Universität Münster)


Akademische Gesellschaft für Unternehmensführung und Kommunikation


Unternehmenskommunikation, Megatrends


What effect will digitalization and big data have on corporate communications? Increasing digital networking has emerged as the most important megatrend. However, individualization and globalization have also had a significant impact on corporate communications. This research project therefore focuses on the potential of big (social) data for corporate communications - but always within the broader context of an increasingly globalized and individualized communication.

This project is part of the research program "Value Creating Communication". Researchers from universities in Leipzig, Münster, Wien, Hohenheim-Stuttgart and Berlin are set to collaborate with international researchers and corporate communications executives.
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Scientific lead: Professor Ulrike Röttger, Dr. Christian Wiencierz