"Inquired with Sophie & Co"


As a further development of the predecessor project "Ask Sophie! – Development of a Cartoon Character to Answer Scientific Questions," the collaborative project "Inquired with Sophie & Co" stands above all for strengthening an exchange between science and the public. While the avatar "Sophie" has so far primarily enabled citizens to submit questions to scientists online, which are then answered in collaboration with scientists, the Research Transfer Office at WWU Münster and artists, the follow-up project focuses on direct communication with the public. For example, children and adults can ask "Sophie" questions in the context of creative workshops, mobile exhibitions, or school events, thus stimulating an exchange between science and the public.

"Inquired" will again be made in the sub-project headed by Prof. Julia Metag and Kira Klinger. On the basis of anonymized data collected from participants, the project will not only investigate whether and how "Inquired with Sophie & Co" is received by different target groups, but also how participants differ with regard to their information behavior and their attitudes toward science and research.