FAQ (Online Courses)

edited: 29.10.2021

Format Zoom Course
This course is offered as a compact 3-hour session via zoom conference. The central method of the course is self practice with the course material with the help of videos. Our lecturer introduces the topic and is available during the course as a contact person for questions and assistance. It is trained with software on your own computer, so it is important that the software required for the course is available in the recommended version (see the respective course page).

Format Learnweb Course
This course is offered as a flexible, interactive Learnweb course. Over a 5-day period you will have access to introductory video lessons, practical exercises and the software via a virtual computer. The exercises can be individually worked through and uploaded to the Learnweb. The completion of the exercises is a requirement for a certificate of participation.
The course instructor supervises the participants via the forum in the Learnweb and via a 0.5-hour Q & A session as a zoom conference. Here, questions can be asked and solutions can be presented and discussed.

Format Self-Learning Course (available soon)
This course includes the same course content as the regular online courses, but is not supervised by instructors. Instead, the course is designed to be worked on by you on your own, without supervision. In addition, there are no access restrictions for this course. Again, the course materials are provided via Learnweb. You can enroll in the course yourself at any time; a course key is not required for this.

Course Registration
In good time before the start of the course programme (approx. one week before) there is the possibility of online registration, to which we will inform you by e-mail. The registration for the courses is free, but binding. It is possible to cancel the course online up to 48 hours before the course date.

Access Data for Materials and WWUzoom Meeting
On the evening before the booked course date, all registered participants will receive an e-mail with a link to the training documents, to the zoom meeting dates or respectively to the Learnweb course. The training documents for the online-courses are supplied via Learnweb and must be downloaded to the desktop before the course starts. The meeting data is only intended for the persons who have registered and may not be passed on to third persons.

Waiting Lists
All courses are limited to 26 participants* in order to ensure the greatest possible learning success. If the places are already occupied, you can register on a waiting list and will be notified when places become available again. In this case, however, a new registration is required.

Free Course Places
Our Course Monitor [de] shows all currently available course places. In addition, all students who are registered on the waiting list for the respective course topic will be informed by e-mail about available course places.

In order to give other students the opportunity to move up, we ask you to cancel your registration in good time. We only accept online cancellations via "Meine WWU IT Softwareschulungen" (My WWU IT Courses) if they take place 48 hours before the start of the course. By cancelling the registration, the course place will be released immediately for other interested parties to register. Since all courses are offered regularly, you can participate at a later date. For this you have to register again. If you do not cancel your registration and do not appear repeatedly on course dates, you will be excluded from using the course programme for a period of six months.

Missed Courses
As soon as you miss a course for the third time within 12 months, you will be blocked from registering for the course. The block is then valid for six months and includes the exclusion from the course registration as well as the deletion from the participant lists of the following courses. We will inform you by email about any missed date. In addition, you have the possibility to view a current overview of missed courses in "My WWU IT Courses" at any time. If you are unable to attend the course, please take the opportunity to unsubscribe online! In this way you give others the chance to move up. We have long waiting lists for most course topics. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, we must exclude from the use of the courses those persons who repeatedly do not appear on dates and thus deprive others of the opportunity to participate.

Training Materials
Training material for the courses are provided via Learnweb (it can be accessed by following the links on the course websites).

Trainingsoftware for Zoom Courses
Before the online course starts, each participant has to install the trainingsoftware on his or her computer system. The recommended and approved version can be found on the course website. A participation with laptop or desktop computer is desired. Tablets and mobile phones are not suitable. The courses are designed for the windows operating system. Mac users are welcome to participate, but have to carry over the information to their system by themselves. The trainer cannot help in this case due to time constraints.

Trainingssoftware for Learnweb Courses
At the beginning of the training we provide you with a virtual computer containing the software and training materials. You will also receive instructions on how to use the virtual computer. This computer will be available to you until one week after the training. It can be used from your own computer.

Videoconferencing via zoom
Every participant has to make sure that they have access to the video conference plattform WWUzoom. They do not have to register for participation. Nonetheless we ask you to sign in with your full name to facilitate the attendance check. Having a microfone is mandatory for the course, a webcam a nice to have. Here you can find the FAQ for WWUzoom is provided.

Attendance Certificates
At the end of the course, we will provide all participants with a certificate of attendance in the personal course administration area "My WWU IT Courses" for download (for a maximum of 24 months). Online-course: The prerequisite for the certificate is the presence of the participant during the entire course as confirmed by the lecturer. Learnweb-course: All mandatory tasks of the exercises have to be completed and uploaded.

Credit Points
No, participation in software training courses cannot be credited as academic achievement.