FAQ (Lectures)

Updatet 22.06.2022

Target Group
The lectures of the WWU IT are open to all students and employees of WWU. If there are specific professional requirements for successful participation in the course, you will find these in the corresponding course descriptions on our website.

Course Formats
The courses take place regularly as semester courses or as intensive courses during the semester break. In addition to providing theoretical content, there is also the possibility of practical training in the computer lab or studio.

Classroom or teaching formats with online elements are offered. Please refer to the course descriptions for more information.

Usually, all courses will be held in classroom. For information on other formats, please refer to the respective course website. Please observe the current regulations of the WWU according to the Corona Protection Ordinance, which may change in the course of the semester. Uni Münster: Corona informations

The lectures are usually given in German, but some are also given in English. If you want to participate as an exclusively English-speaking student, please ask the teachers before.

Credit Points
If your study regulations provide for participation in the General Studies, you can earn credit points for our lectures. The requirement for this is successful participation in the course and the exam. Whether a course is open for General Studies can be found on the corresponding course website. Further information on the Exam Regulations for General Studies can be found on the website of the Study Coordination Office. If you are in doubt as to whether the course is recognised in your subject, please contact the examination office that is responsible for you.

Please note that you can only receive credit points if you participate in the final examination. You will not be given any credit points for mere participation. An exception to this rule is only possible with the permission of your examination office.

Students in Computer Science Studies
Students in Computer Sciences can count some selected courses of the WWU IT for the General Studies. Further information can be obtained from your student advisor.

Registration / Cancellation
On our website you have the possibility to register online. The lectures usually have a maximum number of participants. If this is reached, you can register on a waiting list. In the section "My WWU IT Lectures" you will find an overview of the courses for which you are registered. There you can also check your position on the list and unsubscribe from courses. A pre-registration via the Electronic Courses Catalogue is not necessary. The key factors for the course registration are your position on the list of participants and your presence on the first course session.

Waiting List
Most lectures have a limited number of participants. However, you can also register for lectures that are fully booked and thus be put on the waiting list. In the "My WWU IT Lectures" section, your position on the list of participants is displayed. If other participants whose position is before yours from the list unsubscribe, you move up automatically. Your position on the list and your appearance on the first day of the course are decisive for the final allocation of places. Even if you only occupy a place on the waiting list, we recommend that you show up on the first day of the course, as some course places may become vacant due to the absence of registered participants.

If an examination is offered, this is noted on the corresponding website. The registration for exams as well as the cancellation of exams can be done via the central exam management tool QISPOS. You find more information about exam registration via QISPOS on the QISPOS help pages. Students who do not wish to take the exam as part of the General Studies should contact the lecturers directly.

You will receive more detailed information on the specific procedure from the responsible lecturer.

Attendance Certificates
After successfully completing the lecture or successfully passing the final examination, the lecturers will give you a (graded) certificate of attendance.  You can then download this certificate of attendance for lectures from summer semester 2022 as a PDF file in the "My WWU IT Lectures" section for 5 years. Certificates for older lectures are still available in printed form at the service counterin Einsteinstr. 60 during opening hours. To receive a certificate of participation (without grade/ without CP) it is not necessary to take the exam.

For more specific questions, please contact the teaching coordinator Mrs Manuela Papke (Tel.: 0251-83 31651; it.lehre@uni-muenster.de).