Mobile Security

When using the Internet via mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs or tablet PCs, the same dangers must be reckoned with as apply to the PC.

Because of the high risk of loss is it obligatory to encrypt mobile devices if they contain sensitive business data. See Regulation for encryption of mobile devices [de].

  • Recommendations





    General Recommendations

    • Use a device PIN or password.
    • Only install apps from an official app store.
    • Install virus protection (if available).
    • Use the latest version of the mobile phone software (firmware).
    • Enable device encryption.
    • Avoid jailbreaks/rooting devices.
    • Use cloud storage only for unimportant data and use encryption if necessary (e.g. BoxCryptor).

    Recommendations for Securing Smartphones

    The IT Security Management Team has published Recommendations on the Official Use of Mobile Devices [de].

    Recommendations for Employees

    • Use the Exchange system for business emails, contacts and appointments - the system enables the automatic implementation of security recommendations (if supported by the device) and remote deletion of the device in case of loss.
    • Store personal data only on WWU servers.

    The BSI has published a guideline [de] on mobile security.