Create a copy of your data (backup) regularly to combat a virus infection (like a trojan horse), damages to your PC’s hard drive, robbery or accidental deletion of your data to not lose them irrecoverably.

  • Recommendations

    • Store business data only on file servers of Münster University ("network drive").
    • Use external media, like external hard drives, flash drives or CDs/ DVDs only in case of emergency.
    • Keep them in a secure place, preferably outside your office or personal home. This is the only way to ensure that your data remains safe in cases of fire or robbery.
    • Consider encrypting your backup.
    • A backup copy within your cloud storage (Dropbox etc.) can be problematic because of data privacy regulations.

    To save data onto an external hard drive, use the built in component of the Windows OS called Save and Backup. The Federal Office for Information Security offers an extensive FAQ [de], including manuals on backups for Windows.

  • Backup at the WWU IT

    Students and Staff

    The WWU IT offers students and staff of the WWU a hard drive within its locations, which saves and mirrors data overnight via a powerful backup system into another location. Should you work at a PC within the WWU, the hard drive mentioned above is available under the drive name U:. All official data should be saved on that hard drive and not locally. Access to your data from home is easily possible via Webdav.


    Aside from your personal hard drive, staff members of the WWU can access the WWU IT service TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager). Your data, when necessary, are send to a cassette archive system and can be accessed via client program if any local data gets missing.