User Accounts

Why Should I Use Different User Accounts?

Current Windows operating systems support multiple users. There are at least three types of users: guests, standard and administrative users. When working, you should use a standard user. This minimises the risk of accidentally installing unwanted software or modifing the system.

If you need to install software or make modifications to your system, you can switch to an adminsitrative user. On newer Windows systems, this is done automatically by a process called User Account Control (UAC) which displays a dialog box and asks if you want to allow that modifications are made.

  • Recommendations

    • Work with restricted rights (under Windows as standard user) and avoid administration or root rights (Linux) as far as possible. Otherwise, malicious programs could also cause more damage due to more extensive rights.
    • Under Max OS X, the concept of different user accounts also applies.
    • Especially when surfing or e-mailing, you should work without administrative rights if possible, since the risk of being infected by malware is greatest here.
  • Setting Up User Accounts

    You usually work with limited rights on the computers within the university. If you require higher rights, please contact your IVV. Always log off from your computer after a session, otherwise another user may misuse your account. You may be held liable for any criminal offences that may have been committed.

    Setting Up a New User Account / Working with User Account Control (Windows 7)
    Setting Up a New User Account (Mac OS X)