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IT Security at Münster University

Organisational structure of IT security at Münster University is regulated through the Guideline of Information Security at WWU [de]. On these pages, the IT Security Management Team (CISO of Münster University) offers you advice and tips on how to protect your computer, laptop or smartphone against the risks of the Internet. Everything you need to know about IT security at Münster University is also summarised in our recommendations for administrators and users. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides rapid assistance with security-related incidents in the area of computer use and Münster University user IDs.


Change in the central email system

It-sicherheit User

Due to the incidents of the past months with encryption trojans and the development of the Emotet threat, additional security features have been activated in the central email system.

E-mails with suspicious content from suspicious senders will only be sent with a warning message. In concrete terms, this means that you will receive the suspicious e-mail as an attachment to an information e-mail alerting you to the potential threat and giving you a contact person in case of further inquiries. Suspicious contents are 1) links to dubious websites and 2) attached Office or PDF documents with active contents (so-called macros).

Nevertheless, remain vigilant when opening links and e-mail attachments, especially if they are password protected.

You can find further information on the IT security help pages.