Coaching for women professors

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Coaching is a form of professional counselling for women professors who assume supervisory, research and academic self-administrative responsibilities.
Our coaches provide objective feedback, problem-solving assistance and personal counselling and support. They themselves do not perform any work for the professors, but rather offer them advice on how best to go about carrying out their duties. This is based on a desired, ongoing advisory relationship.

Women professors at the University of Münster can take advantage of the coaching programme only once.

  • Coaching involves...

    • obtaining individual guidance and support
    • receiving help to learn how to help oneself
    • promoting self-reflection (personal strengths and weaknesses)
    • discovering individual solutions, options for taking action
    • developing “personalised” goals
    • establishing an equal relationship between the coach and coachee (as both are experts in their field)
  • How to receive coaching

    1. Begin by contacting the Equal Opportunity Officer to have your coaching approved.

    2. Contact Herr Böckenholt in Dept. 3.5 - Human Resources Development and suggest possible coaching topics and the area in which your concerns lie. We will arrange a meeting at which you can discuss what you expect of your coach and collaboration.

    3. After the meeting, Herr Böckenholt will recommend three possible coaches to choose from for a non-binding initial meeting. Based on their individual profiles, you can decide who you would like to work with. Inform Mr Böckenholt of your decision and he will put you in touch with the coach.

    4. You and the coach meet for a non-binding initial meeting. Working together, you determine whether the coach’s methods suit your needs and whether the approach meets your expectations. This is an important phase for both parties. Only after meeting do you make the final decision and inform Mr Böckenholt accordingly.

    5. If you wish to go ahead with coaching, an agreement is concluded with the coach outlining the duration, topic, confidentiality, mutual responsibilities and the exclusion of manipulation techniques.

  • Further information

    The coaching provided by the University of Münster consists of four sessions lasting one and half hours each. As the coachee, you decide when and where the sessions take place. Herr Böckenholt can reserve a room for the sessions upon request. After the last session, Herr Böckenholt will inform you that the coaching is complete.
    The coach will submit an anonymised invoice to the Human Resources Development department, ensuring a high level of anonymity and confidentiality. At the end, you will only be asked to provide brief feedback on whether the coaching was helpful.

  • Contact

    Contact in the Human Resources Development department:
    University of Münster
    Thomas Böckenholt
    Dept 3.5 – Human Resources Development
    Rm 101, Robert-Koch-Str. 40, 48149 Münster
    Tel: +49 251 / 83-22200
    Fax: +49 251 / 83-21506

    You can contact the Equal Opportunity Office at:
    Georgskommende 26, 48143 Münster
    Tel: +49 251 83-29708
    Fax: +49 251 83-29700