The lab

The Sitcom Lab is not only the name of our research group but also the name of our laboratory that supports our HCI research with a variety of interesting technologies. The lab used for several purposes: the development for prototypes, various kinds of user studies and group meetings. It also provides room and tools for software and hardware prototyping as well as workplaces for student assistants and students working on their thesis. About half of the room is occupied with the IVE (Immersive Video Environment), which includes a green screen and shielding from ambient light. This area of the lab also includes a virtual reality headset (HTC Vive) as well as a wall-mounted touch display so that a combination of different technologies can be easily realised. Further resources of Sitcom Lab include Mac and PC workstations for video editing and development, a variety of smartphones, GoPro action cameras, DSLR cameras as well as various tools and materials for rapid prototyping and electronics projects. A comfortable sofa and a matching armchair are also present.