GI-Forum WS 2014/15

Date Title Presenter Affiliation
14.10.2014 Institute meeting
21.10.2014 Opening up Geoinformatics: Tales from my Sabbatical Christian Kray Institut für Geoinformatik, Universität Münster
Freitag 31.10.2014 Per Anhalter durch die Geoinformatik (Antrittsvorlesung) Albert Remke Institut für Geoinformatik, Universität Münster
52°North – Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Esri Deutschland Group GmbH
04.11.2014 Fields as a Generic Data Type for Big Spatial Data Gilberto Camara Institut für Geoinformatik, Universität Münster
11.11.2014 Understanding the semantics of (visual) data: A perspective of pattern recognition and computer vision Xiaoyi Jiang Universität Münster
18.11.2014 COMPUTATIONAL COGNITIVE SYSTEMS - The Case of Commonsense, Space, and Change Mehul Bhatt Universität Bremen
25.11.2014 Institute meeting
02.12.2014 Cognitive usability factors of spatial interfaces and interfaces in space Sven Bertel Universität Weimar
09.12.2014 Wayfinding Through Orientation

Stefan Münzer,
Angela Schwering

University of Mannheim
University of Muenster

16.12.2014 From Maps to Geomedial Action Spaces – Theoretical and Methodological Considerations of Contemporary Mapping Practices Pablo Abend
06.01.2015 no GI-Forum
13.01.2015 Social Interaction over a distance with multimodal displays Susanne Boll University of Oldenburg
20.01.2015 Institute meeting
27.01.2015 cancelled Michael Gould Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Educational Manager of ESRI
03.02.2015 Carl Schultz und Jakub Krukar Universität Münster