Prof. Dr. Albert Remke

Honorary Professor at ifgi, Open Lab on Spatial Information Infrastructures (SII); R&D at Esri Germany Group GmbH (, Managing Director of 52°North (

Telefon:+49 251 39637123
Über:I have been with the Institute for Geoinformatics since its incubation phase in the 1990s. I was then a research assistant at the Institute for Landscape Ecology. In 1994, I was co-founder and managing director of its first spin off company, the con terra GmbH, which we brought into the Esri Germany group of companies in 2006. In 2004 I co-founded the 52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software –  an open international R&D network with partners from academia, industry and public administrations. Today I still work at Esri in the field of innovation management and am one of the managing directors of 52°North GmbH. Since 2009 I’ve been active again at ifgi, first as a visiting professor (2009-2011) and since 2014 as an honorary professor.

My focus in research and teaching is on Spatial Information Infrastructures, i.e. on very large, heterogeneous socio-technical information systems and the impact of new paradigms such as the Web of Things or the Web of Data.

Office hours: on appointment.

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