Selection and admission of doctoral candidates from abroad

Candidates from abroad, applying for a PhD position within GS-NP, should submit, in addition to their individual personality and educational characteristics, a project proposal on a scientific topic of their choice. The topic should be within the framework programs chosen by GS-NP, and should be clearly assignable to a PI or PI consortium (for orientation, interested applicants may refer to the work areas of the respective PIs, which can be found on the GS-NP website ( Decisive for the final selection are not only the personality and qualifications (previous educational background, final theses, etc.), but also the ability and motivation to formulate independent project ideas within a given framework and to defend them in the application, as well as the passion and initiative for science and innovation, which will be inquired about during the selection interviews, but also the enjoyment of a new internationally oriented and culturally open environment in Germany.

Please keep in mind that your project proposal might be subjected to intensive discussion and changes together with the Principal Investigator.

Additionally, budgeting for PhD position depends always on existing funding for the projects and the candidates. In case you get in contact with the respective Professor for discussions, the financing of the project has to be discussed. For students from abroad we recommend to think about an application at DAAD for applying for stipend and additional funding.

The admission and initial support of PhD students coming from abroad is supported by the WWU Graduate Center, and the Welcome Centre of the International Office  as well as the project coordinator of GS-NP. In this way, the accepted scholarship holders can be specifically supported in their onboarding process, e.g. in visa matters, but also through information events such as 'Staying in Germany', which help to answer questions about their further stay in Germany after completing their doctorate.

The "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice" (see link: "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft", DFG) must be observed in particular.