GS-NP: not only research, but also exciting teaching

In accordance with the applicable doctoral regulations of the participating departments, coursework is required prior to submission of the dissertation. These study-accompanying achievements can be acquired from all courses offered in the course catalogue of the departments concerned. In addition to these minimum requirements, GS-NP offers a framework program for all dissertation students. This includes:

Module A Modern Science and Research
A1 Project-oriented interdisciplinary training
A2 Project development, research proposal
A3 Documentation and presentation
A4 Journal Club Natural Products in modern life sciences
Module B Interdisciplinary Lecture Series on Natural Products in Modern Sciences
B1 Collaborative exchange studentship abroad (3 to 6 months)
B2 Industry internship
B3 Lab rotation (Expanding the methodological spectrum within the frame of the dissertation)
B4 German language course for foreign students (mandatory for foreign students), who are not native-english speaking students
Module C Soft kills, networking, promotion
C1 DAAD-funded scholarship holders have access to the services of the WWU Graduate Centre, which is the central institution for the promotion of young academics and offers doctoral candidates of all faculties interdisciplinary support through (a) advising and (b) the course program of the Graduate Centre Academy.
C2 Academy: The Graduate Centre Academy offers a range of courses to support doctoral students in their interdisciplinary development (e.g. Academic Writing, Academic Work, Career Orientation (e.g. Behind the Scenes - Understanding German Research Structures) and soft skills (e.g. Project Management). Workshops in German and English, in presence or as virtual format.
C3 The Pathogen-Host-Interplay Phi-Club is coordinated by members of the Medical Faculty and brings together researchers in Münster who are interested in basic and applied infection research. Phi-Club organizes regular seminars with international speakers as well as a 2-day meeting where current research results are presented and discussed. Phi-Club activities provide excellent opportunities for networking, presentation and discussion of their experimental data and for scientific collaborations.