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Research Fellow Rebecca Froese has been awarded the participatory prize "Together for the Future" of the Claussen-Simon Stiftung

The Claussen-Simon Stiftung’s Participatory Award recognizes and supports scholarship holders and alumni:ae who engage in interdisciplinary collaboration on questions and challenges that society faces. With their project "Passierschein A39", the pianist and performer Daniel Bucurescu and the scientist Rebecca Froese create a publicly accessible participatory dialogue format building on artistic self-awareness to bring people of different generations and origins together and to develop and artistically articulate their visions and ideas of sustainable futures. | Read more

Start of the research project INCITE-DEM - "Inclusive citizenship in a world in transformation"

Prof. Doris Fuchs is leading a sub-project together with other scholars from Münster University

On March 6 and 7, Prof. Doris Fuchs takes part in the kick-off event of the research project INCITE-DEM in Lisbon. The project, in which the ZIN spokesperson is leading a sub-project together with Prof. Oliver Treib and Prof. Bernd Schlipphak, is supported by the Horizon Programme of the EU and will run in the period March 2023 - February 2026. | Continue

First reflections on the concept of consumption corridors

In the article "The relationship between consumption corridors and recent sustainability-focused economic models," researcher Dr. Minna Kanerva describes her perspective on the concept of consumption corridors

In this first scientific reflection on the concept of consumption corridors, scientist Dr. Minna Kanerva concludes that consumption corridors are an important tool for the transition to a sustainable economic system. Further, she concludes that the concept is a next necessary step for policy in the present. We invite you to read the full article: https://imperia.uni-muenster.de/imperia/md/content/fuchs/minna_s_perspective.docx


14th ESEE conference in Pisa

Prof Fuchs at conference on sustainability transformation in an economic context

From June 14 to 17, Prof Doris Fuchs and faculty members Halliki Krenin, PhD and Victoria Hasenkamp participated in the 14th conference of the ESEE (European Society for Ecological Economics) in Pisa. The conference with an economic focus took place under the motto "Will Achilles catch up with the tortoise? It's high time for transformative action on sustainability" and pointed out the imperative need for society-wide change towards sustainability in different contexts in order to break out of the vicious circle of currently largely unsustainable reality that political actors are pursuing. Especially the engagement of science and civil society was discussed in terms of transfomative, innovative approaches. | Read more

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The volume ‘Democracy and Sustainability’ brings together current perspectives on a complex relationship: How can democracy become an instrument in the fight against the global environmental and climate crisis instead of standing in the way of necessary changes? Can democratic decision-making processes, often perceived as painfully slow and inflexible, assist in finding viable solutions to the current challenges in this respect? | More information

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Are you 1.5ing yet? – A Student Thinking Lab on climate-friendly lifestyles

On September 15th 2022, three students from the University of Münster co-organised a “Student Thinking Lab” dealing with 1.5° lifestyles, as part of their studies. The workshop was aimed at students from different higher educational facilities and fields of study in the area around Münster. It focused on sharing information about sustainable lifestyles and discussing structural barriers to sustainable lifestyles (and how to overcome them), specifically within the student population. | Read more