Origenes - Werke mit deutscher Übersetzung

Exhortation to Martyrdom

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Upon the persecution of Christians in 235, initiated by emperor Maximinus Thrax, Origen makes an appeal to his friends Ambrose and Protoctetus to the devotion to Christian belief. The work belongs to the genre of exhortations, which are addressed beyond the recipients to a broader audience; concerning the level of content, Origen is oriented to matyrdom-relevant assertions of the Old Testament and the New Testament, by which he verifies his exhortations to the devotion to Christianity and warns of reversion to paganism.
Alfons Fürst/Maria-Barbara von Stritzky (Hg.), Origenes - Aufforderung zum Martyrium (Origenes Werke mit deutscher Übersetzung 22), Berlin/New York: Verlag Walter de Gryuter, Freiburg/Basel/Wien: Verlag Herder, 2010, 131 Seiten, gebunden, Leinen, ca. 74,95 €. ISBN Herder 978-3-451-32948-7, ISBN De Gruyter 978-3-11-020505-3