Origenes - Werke mit deutscher Übersetzung

The Homilies on Jeremiah

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Origen's homilies on Jeremiah make up a very valuable part of his writings. Besides the homilies on 1 Sam 28, they are the only homilies handed down in their original Greek and therefore provide an authentic insight into Origen as a preacher. Furthermore, the book Jeremiah was not often interpreted in early Christianity, and the vigour and spirit of Origen's exegesis of the prophet were nowhere else achieved. Origen identified his experiences as a preacher with the fate of the prophet Jeremiah, who was rejected by his recipients, and thus found a very personal approach to this biblical text. Moreover, it contains notable antijudaic comments and exegeses in which Origen's critical attitude toward the Jews of his time becomes apparent.
The volume provides a new German translation along with detailed explanations in the footnotes. The handed-down fragments are included, too, even though their authenticity is not indubitable. The most important facts of the transmission and the content of the sermons are outlined in the introduction.
Origenes, Die Homilien zum Buch Jeremia. Eingeleitet und übersetzt von Alfons Fürst und Horacio E. Lona (Origenes Werke mit deutscher Übersetzung 11), Berlin/Boston 2018, 726 Seiten, gebunden, Leinen, 119,95€, ISBN 978-3-11-028605-2