Resilienzkolloquium, Tobias Brandt (WWU): For cities to become resilient, we need to leave the Smart City behind

Wednesday, 31.08.2022 14:00 per ZOOM: Link

Mathematik und Informatik

In this talk I will discuss ongoing work related to the opportunities for the Information Systems discipline in strengthening cities? resilience in face of the growing climate crisis. I will first outline how the smart city label is often used as a marketing vehicle, selling IT solutions without tackling the real challenges cities are already facing. Secondly, I will outline outcome-oriented research opportunities for the IS discipline that focus on using digital means to strengthen cities? resilience. I will particularly emphasize three focal areas, namely environmental resilience (outcomes related to the physical impact of climate change such as heat and flooding), social resilience (outcomes related to the social impact of climate change such as refugee migration and social tension), and administrative resilience (outcomes related to strengthening public administrations? capabilities to manage a rapidly transforming world).

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