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B6 The emergence of individuality and its effects on vulnerability to disease

PI: Prof. Dr. Helene Richter
Research Group: Department of Behavioural Biology, Institute of Neuro- and Behavioural Biology
Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Quante
Doctoral student: Binia Stieger, Marlene Sroka

Members of the same species may vary considerably in their behavioural phenotypes. Recent development in evolutionary biology further extends these findings, increasingly speaking about ‘animal personalities’, i.e., consistent inter-individual differences that are stable over time and/or across contexts. From an adaptive perspective, the evolution of animal personalities remains a mystery, because a more flexible structure of behaviour should provide selective advantages in rapidly changing environments. In the present project, we will investigate which factors contribute to the emergence of individuality in mice, and if differences in individuality are related to differences in vulnerability to disease.