Study plan


The Master in Social Anthropology is a two year programme. The first two semesters are dedicated to the study of anthropological theories, methods, regional seminars and language training that will prepare you for your own research project in the third semester. During the last semester you will write your master thesis. Preparing for fieldwork requires planning ahead. Therefore you should decide on a possible project early on and prepare for your research through the choice of regional seminars, non-European language classes, as well as application for research funds, contacts and, if required, permissions. Our teaching staff will be happy to assist.

Study Plan MA Social Anthropology/Sozialanthropologie (from Winter Term 2016/17 onwards)

Module Description MA Social Anthropology/Sozialanthropologie (from Winter Term 2016/17 onwards)


Theoretical Approaches & Areas of Research / Theoretische Perspektiven
und Forschungsfelder

Project Design / Projektentwicklung Regional & Thematic Consolidation / Regionale und Thematische Vertiefung
1. Year WS 1 M 1: Cultural Foundations of Sociality (8 LP)
· V Areas & Regions of Social Anthropological Research (P, 6 LP)
· C Institute colloquium (P, 2 LP)
M 2: Research Methods I (13 LP)
· S Foundations of Empirical Research (P, 6 LP)
· Ü Ethnographic Methods in a selected research field (WP, 7 LP)
· Ü Intercultural communication (in German) (WP 7 LP)
· Ü Visual Anthropology (WP, 7 LP)

M 3: Regional Knowledge (10 LP)
· S Region A, e.g. South Asia (WP, 5 LP)
· S Region B, e.g. Africa (WP, 5 LP)
· P.r.n. Region C, p.r.n import from neighboring disciplines (WP, 5 LP)
·S/Ü Import: German language course for M.A. students at the language centre (WP, 5 LP)

1. Year SS 1 M 4: Transcultural Encounters (12 LP)
· S Translocal Relationships (P, 6 LP)
· Ü Transcultural Psychiatry (WP, 5 LP)
· Ü Practices of Representation
(WP, 5 LP)
· Import from National/Transnational Studies (WP, 5 LP)
· C Institute colloquium (P, 1 LP)
M 5: Research Methods II (12 LP)
· S Writing a Project Proposal (P, 6 LP)
· Ü Preparing for Fieldwork (P, 4 LP)
· S Course at the Career Service (WP, 2 LP)
· German language course for M.A.
  students at the language centre
(WP, 2 LP)
M 6: Social Anthropological Theories & Ethnographic Representations (5 LP)
· S Research Area I: Regional Ethnographies (WP, 5 LP)
· S Research Area II Trans/Intercultural Ethnographies (WP, 5 LP)
· S / Ü Import from neighboring disciplines (WP, 5 LP)
2. Year WS 2 M 7: Operationalization of Project / Praxismodul (P, 27 LP)
2. Year SS 2 M 8: Exam Colloquium (P,  8 LP) M9: Master Thesis (P, 25 LP)

WS = Wintersemester/Winter Semester ; SS = Sommersemester/Summer Semester ; M = Modul/Module ; V = Vorlesung/Lecture ; C = Kolloquium/Colloquium ; S   = Seminar; Ü = Übung/Practical Exercise ; P = Pflichtfach/Compulsory Course ; WP = Wahlpflichtfach/Optional Course ; LP = Leistungspunkte/Credit Points