Marcel Schmiedeskamp

Research Group Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry
Institute of Landscape Ecology
Heisenbergstr. 2
48149 Münster, Germany

room: 402 -  Heisenbergstr. 2
phone: +49 251 83 30 082
mail: marcel.schmiedeskamp*
office hours: by appointment via e-mail

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  • Curriculum vitae

    Since 11/2016 Research Assistant and PhD student, Institute for Landscape Ecology, University of Münster, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group
    10/2014 - 10/2016 Academic assistant, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group
    10/2013 - 10/2016

    Study of landscape ecology (MSc.) University Münster, Master thesis: „Spatial and temporal dynamics of carbon dioxide fluxes from a continental wetland-pond system”

    08/2014 - 09/2014

    Student Assistant, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group and Soil Ecology and Land Use Group

    10/2010 - 10/2013

    Study of landscape ecology (BSc.) University of Münster, Bachelor thesis: „Phosphorus contents and binding in the sediments of Cook’s Bay, Lake Simcoe, Ontario”

  • Research interests

    • CO2, CH4 fluxes in aquatic ecosystems
    • control mechanisms in the sequestration of carbon
    • biogeochemistry of lake deposits
    • phosphor cycles and other cycles of matter in aquatic systems
  • Project