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New date for Conceptual Forum on fractality

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A new date has been found for the Conceptual Forum on "fractality", which was originally scheduled for April. The event will now take place on 12 and 13 October 2023.

As of now, you can register here. Please note: Even if you had already registered for the original date, please register again for the October date.

The Conceptual Forum, organised by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ludwig (Käte Hamburger Kolleg Münster), will tackle the approach of "fractality" (Fraktalität), developed by Christophe Duhamelle and Falk Bretschneider for the history of the Holy Roman Empire. The concept relates the spatial structures of the Empire and its elements directly to its political and social order. Based on a metaphor inspired by mathematics, it highlights the high number and complexity of internal boundaries, the lack of a centre or a clear hierarchy of responsibilities, and the permanent intertwining of the levels of action (from the Imperial Diet to the smallest village). In doing so, it proposes a method that results from German and French traditions of historical scholarship and invites us to combine general, regional, imperial and social history.

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