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DH Days at the University of Münster

Anyone working in the humanities can hardly avoid digital tools. But what concrete methods and technologies are there and how can they help in research work? Which projects are currently running at the University of Münster and what experiences are there that are also helpful for others? Can project ideas perhaps be developed in an informal exchange and can new projects be launched together?

In order to discuss such questions together, the SCDH has been organizing the DH Day at the University of Münster for all digital humanities scholars once a year since 2019: Researchers, students and staff of the SCDH.

5 July 2024 - Creating knowledge

Humanities workflows between manual work and automation

On July 5, the University of Münster's DH Day 2024 was dedicated to exploring innovative workflows in the humanities in the area of tension between manual work and automation under the motto "Creating knowledge". In a time of increasing digitalization of work processes, researchers from the humanities were invited to discuss the challenges and potential of digital research methods. The keynote and discussions focused on effective strategies for integrating manual and automated processes in humanities research projects: Which work steps can be replaced or supplemented by Large Language Models (LLMs)? Where is manual groundwork or correction needed? Through the exchange of best practices and the presentation of innovative approaches, a space was created that bridges the gap between tradition and technology and thus promotes the further development of humanities research.

Detailed information can be found on the DH Day 2024 website.

An article about the DH Day 2024 in the DH blog is in preparation.

DH Day 2024 is documented via zenodo.org.

8 December 2023 - Cooperation and Participation in the Digital Humanities

The 5th DH Day at the University of Münster explored cooperative and participatory structures in the digital humanities projects carried out locally (and beyond).
In the digital humanities, the collaboration between experts trained in the humanities and research software engineers regularly crosses disciplinary boundaries, and even otherwise separate humanities disciplines regularly come into contact with each other. In addition, participatory collaboration with people outside the academic core takes place within the framework of citizen science. It opens up science to society, which generally finances this science.

The DH community at the University of Münster met on Friday, 8 December 2023, for lectures, discussions, the traditional poster slam and an overall cooperative and participatory exchange in order to explore the various dimensions of the topic together. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp from the Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies at TU Darmstadt (German Studies - Computer Philology and Medieval Studies), who also coordinates Citizen Science project Gruß & Kuss.

The DH Day 2023 is documented on zenodo.org.

Have a look at the complete programme


5 December 2022 - Unboxing DH - how do we generate knowledge with digital methods and tools?

For the 4th DH Day at the University of Münster, we were able to win PD Dr Frederike van Oorschot as keynote speaker. In her presentation "New technology(s) - new science?!", she explored the hermeneutical and epistemological questions raised by the development of digital research in the humanities (Digital Humanities, DH). There was also another poster slam and a poster session. Finally, we got to the bottom of the problems of digital methods and tools once again with a panel discussion.

DH-Day Retrospective


Third DH Day, November 15, 2021 - Join the digital

The DH Day on 15.11.2021 was held under the motto "Join the digital" and took place virtually. As keynote speaker we could win Prof. Dr. Berenike Herrmann from the University of Bielefeld with her lecture "Digital Humanities = Kultur-x". In addition, there was again a poster slam on current DH projects.

You can find the programme here, a short report in German here.


Second DH Day, November 23, 2020 - DH connected

The second DH day took place purely virtually due to Corona. Nevertheless, there was a large turnout, which may have been not least due to the attractive programme.






First DH Day, May 27, 2019 - DH@WWU2019

The first DH Day was held on May 27, 2019. On the event page there are details about the programme. In the report (in German) you will find a small recap.