Digital Humanities Structure
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DH Structure University of Münster

The Digital Humanities structure (DH structure) at the University of Münster is the dialogue-oriented and institutionalized collaboration model of the DH actors at the University of Münster.
The focused collaboration of research and teaching with the infrastructure and
service facilities guarantees optimal framework conditions for the DH-related disciplines.
Consistently aligned with the needs of research and teaching, the focal points of interdisciplinary collaborative research projects, as well as the strategic priorities of the University of Münster, tailor-made consulting, service, and infrastructure offerings for the Digital Humanities are ensured. At the same time, the network-like DH structure promotes academic discourse in an environment conducive to innovation and makes a substantial contribution to sharpening the academic profile of the Digital Humanities at the University of Münster.

DH Structure of the University of Münster
DH Structure of the University of Münster
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Center for Digital Humanities (CDH)

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) Münster forms the heart of a growing network of researchers and represents their interests internally and externally. All staff, PhD students, and university lecturers interested in the Digital Humanities from the participating University of Münster faculties 01, 02, 06, 08, 09, and 10 can become members of the CDH and are thus part of the annual general meeting. The day-to-day affairs of the CDH are handled by the biennially elected Board.

Service Center for Digital Humanities (SCDH)

The Service Center for Digital Humanities (SCDH) is located at the University and State Library (ULB) Münster and provides a reliable infrastructure through professional consulting and project support services. The SCDH is integrated into the larger eScience at University of Münster  context and is in close exchange with other service centers and infrastructure units within this framework. The head of the SCDH also takes over the executive management of the CDH as well as the coordination of the DH at Münster, which ensures a close and regular exchange. On top of that, the statutes of both the CDH and eScience stipulate cooperation with the SCDH.

DH Circle (AK DH)

The Digital Humanities Circle (AK DH) also offers all interested parties regular low-threshold opportunities for exchange and discussion in topic- and method-specific working groups.

Networking and cooperation

The Digital Humanities in Münster are integrated into a network of various groups and institutions. In the university-wide context, the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH), the Rectorate, and the University and State Library (ULB) are working together on the further strategic development. In addition, the DH are integrated into the eScience at University of Münster initiative, which is supported by CIT and the ULB and promotes interdisciplinary, collaborative, and thus enhanced research. Within this framework, the Service Center for Digital Humanities (SCDH) for instance exchanges information with other service centers and information centers (for research data management, publishing, etc.).