Request for a group certificate

As a person responsible for a clearly defined group of persons you may request a group certificate for this group. A typical application is an institute with an email address.

This can be used particularly for electronic signing or encrypting emails with S/MIME.

If there is a nonpersonal username belonging to this group, the instructions for personal certificates apply with the following deviations:

  • You must specify an exact and detailed designation for the group. Do not use abbreviations incomprehensible to outsiders.An outsider should be able to clearly determine whether a person belongs to this group or not based on this designation alone. Example: “Working group Prof. Deus in the Institute for Physical Theology”

  • For a digital ID, please do not log in to the IT portal under the nonpersonal username, but under the personal username of the person currently responsible for the nonpersonal username, and then do not use “New personal ID”, but “New nonpersonal ID”.

PDF certificates are issued to individuals only, not to groups.