City of Münster

With approx. 300,000 inhabitants, among which ca. 60,000 students, Münster is a quiet and safe, young and green, middle-sized town, named “the world’s most liveable city” in 2004. Münster is also known as the “Bicycle capital of Germany” where students and professors alike can be found cycling through town.

It offers all the amenities of a city with first-class recreation facilities, and it allows easy access to many of European metropolitan cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, to name a few.

It was here that 350 years ago, the Treaty of Westphalia was signed to end the 30-year-war that had ravaged Europe, when the Nations of Switzerland and the Netherlands were created.

Strongly routed in history, Münster today is a multi-faceted city, a city of science and learning, of commerce and of the law court of North-Rhine Westphalia, an outstanding place to live, to work, to learn, and to do research.

City of science, sculptures, bicycles and the famous city of the Treaty of Westphalia – Münster is an active and multi-faceted middle-sized town. See it for yourself!