Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Biochemistry and Biotechnology
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In order to broaden the visibility of the successful past focus "Biotechnology" and its contribution not only to applied, but also to fundamental research, it will be developed into the new focus "Biochemistry and Biotechnology". Biochemistry is the science of structures and functions of the molecules of life. Several groups in the Department of Biology work on enzymes involved in the biosynthesis, functionalization, and biodegradation of these biomolecules, their substrates and, above all, their products, their evolution and their biotechnological optimization and utilization. Many activities in this focus area relate to the enzymatic biosynthesis, modification, and biodegradation of functional biopolymers, a class of biomolecules with enormous application potential. Modern methods of bioanalytics, bioinformatics, directed evolution, systems and synthetic biology and biotechnology are being employed and developed, sometimes in close cooperation with nanoanalytics and nanotechnology. The research aims at a molecular understanding of biomolecules, their biosynthesis, structures, and functions, including their interactions with each other, in order to use their potential for the sustainable solution of current problems in biomedicine and pharmacy, in agriculture and technology, and thus to contribute to the development of a circular bio-economy (one of the grand challenges of our time). In Münster, biochemistry and biotechnology including nanobiotechnology are broadly based. In addition to groups in the Department of Biology, there are strong research activities in biochemistry and biotechnology also in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy and in the Medical Faculty, as well as in the Fraunhofer Institute IME and the MPI. There are already a number of successful collaborations ongoing in these areas, and these can join forces to increase their visibly and impact in the future - and for the future.

Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schmid
Deputy Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dirk Prüfer

Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity: AG Bornberg-Bauer
Institute of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology: AG Berg, AG Fetzner, AG Philipp, AG Schmid
Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology: AG Finkemeier, AG Hippler, AG Kudla, AG Moerschbacher, AG Prüfer, AG von Schaewen
Institute of Zoophysiology: AG Liebau, AG Zeis