Research Groups

  • Molecular Cell Dynamics
    © Sven Bogdan


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Cell dynamics
    (2) Actin cytoskeleton
    (3) Cell migration
    (4) Morphogenesis
    (5) Drosophila genetics

  • Behavioural Biology/Endocrinology
    © Department of Behavioural Biology


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Stress, stress avoidance, animal welfare
    (2) Hormones and behaviour
    (3) Behavioural development
    (4) Social behaviour
    (5) Domestication

  • Neurobiology
    © Silke Thomas & Christian Klämbt


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Molecular analysis of glial migration
    (2) Glial cell differentiation
    (3) Formation and function of the blood-brain barrier
    (4) Glial cell function during neuronal signal transduction
    (5) Genetic analysis of locomotion behavior

  • Morphogenesis of epithelial tubes
    © Dominique Förster & Stefan Luschnig


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Control of epithelial tube size and shape
    (2) Cell behavior and tissue mechanics in cylindrical epithelia
    (3) Dynamics of intracellular membrane and protein trafficking
    (4) Structure, dynamics and function of epithelial tricellular junctions
    (5) Roles of hypoxia in development

  • Behavioural Biology/Animal Welfare
    © Department of Behavioural Biology


    Focuses of research:

    (1) 3R-concept, refinement
    (2) Reproducibility and external validity of animal experiments
    (3) Ethological and physiological assessment of animal welfare
    (4) Cognition and emotion
    (5) Individuality and animal welfare

  • Neuronal Morphogenesis
    © Sebastian Rumpf


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Axons and dendrites
    (2) Neurite pruning
    (3) Neurodegeneration
    (4) The neuronal cytoskeleton
    (5) Ubiquitin and protein degradation

  • Behavioural Biology
    © K. Agelopoulos


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Stress, stress avoidance, animal welfare
    (2) Evolution of mating and social systems
    (3) Behavioural development
    (4) Environment, genes and behaviour
    (5) Domestication

  • Neurobiology - Metabolic homeostasis
    © AG Schirmeier


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Nutrient transport at the blood-brain barrier
    (2) Nutrient transport in the nervous system
    (3) Metabolite homeostasis in the nervous system
    (4) Metabolic coupling between glial cells and neurons

  • Molecular Behavioural Genetics
    © Ross Harper, Joerg Albert & Ralf Stanewsky


    Focuses of research:

    (1) Circadian clocks
    (2) Drosophila
    (3) Photo- and thermoreceptors
    (4) Sleep/wake cycles
    (5) Behaviour