Offene Stellen - Bachelor, Master und PhD


Our group always welcomes applications from motivated and enthusiastic students that are interested in an interdisciplinary and innovative line of research. We are working at the interface between biology, chemistry and physics, and we strive to establish novel, quantitative techniques that allow the evaluation of fundamental cellular processes in cells (Grashoff et al. Nature, 2010; Austen et al. Nature Cell Biology, 2015; Ringer et al. Nature Methods, 2017; Price et al. Nature Communications, 2018; Kanoldt et al, Nature Communications 2020; Fischer et al. Nature Communications, 2021).

Field of Work
We are combining quantitative biosensor experiments with advanced microscopy methods (e.g. laser scanning confocal microscopy combined with single-photon counting FLIM analysis, or super-resolution approaches) to study mechanisms of cell adhesion mechanics in living cells. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying cell–matrix and cell–cell adhesions that are analyzed in the context of epidermal homeostasis, stem cell differentiation, adipogenesis and heart muscle function. We complement our research with genetic mouse models to allow the analysis of physiologically relevant processes.

Your qualifications
We are a young and dynamic research group; thus, enthusiasm and high internal motivation are the two most important requirements. Applicants for PhD position should hold a Master degree in biology or physics. Competence in spoken and written English is expected.

Please send your application documents including cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic certificates and references by email to Prof. Dr. Grashoff (