Evorion and Rebecca Melcher’s start-up in the press

Again, our two start-ups, Hans Kleine-Brüggeneys, Robert Weingartens und Sebastian Bührens “Evorion” und Rebecca Melchers still un-named and not-yet-existing company have made it to the media. The recent issue of the local economy newspaper Die Wirtschaft covered both companies, together with two other start-ups from the natural sciences in Münster, in a leading article on page 1 and 2 (in German). While Evorion is already far ahead on its way to success, Rebecca is only just starting. But her company is more directly linked to our own research: she has developed the methods which she will be commercialising, during her PhD in our group. So if at all possible, we are even prouder of her than we are of the “three boys” of Evorion. The Exist fellowship which Rebecca secured for herself and two colleagues is the same that also helped the founders of Evorion to get started. Both enjoy the support of local technology transfer offices and incubators, and of course that from our group, for all it’s worth. So we are confident that Rebecca et al. will be equally successful as Hans, Robert and Sebastian.