Former Members of the research group

Dr. Esmail Arasteh Rad

Dr. Cécile Armana

Dr. Paul Breutmann

Dr. Simon Diel (geb. Hüsken)

Dr. Maike Frantzen

Tim Melkert

Dr. Felix Rötting

Dr. Tim Schauch

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Singh

Dr. Anna Weiß

Former Students

  • Doctoral dissertations

    2021 Maike Frantzen Monodromy Representations for Local and Global G-Shtukas
    2018 Paul Breutmann Functoriality and Stratifications of Moduli Spaces of Global G-Shtukas
    2018 Felix Rötting Honda-Tate-Theory for A-Motives and Global Shtukas
    2017 Anna Weiß Foliations in moduli spaces of bounded global G-shtukas
    2014 Tim Schauch Weak Admissibility of Hodge-Pink Lattices in Terms of Geometric Invariant Theory
    2013 Simon Hüsken

    On semi-stable Fontaine theory in equal characteristic and good reduction of analytic Anderson motives
    (expanded version under 20 on "Publications")

    2012 Esmail Arasteh Rad

    Uniformizing the Moduli Stacks of Global G-Shtukas
    (expanded version under 19 and 21 on "Publications")

    2012 Rajneesh Kumar Singh

    Local Shtukas and Divisible Local Anderson Modules
    (expanded version under 26 on "Publikationen")


  • Master of Science

     2021 Henning Wendtland The isomorphy types of the σ-bundles associated to a z-isocrystal
     2020 Maxim Melnik  Extensions of σ-bundles
    2020 Franziska Gerken Admissibility of isoclinic z-Isocrystals with Hodge-Pink structure
    2019 Janna Franzkeit Canonical Subgroups of Drinfeld-Modules and Truncated Local Shtukas
    2019 Sebastian Greve p-adic Drinfeld modular forms of higher rank
    2019 Maximilian Langner Rapoport-Zink period morphisms onto the affine line for function fields
    2018 Karsten Schrödter φ-Gauges and F-Zips for Function Fields and their Relation to Local Shtukas and Truncations
    2017 Maike Frantzen Zeta-functions and Groessencharacters of A-Motives with complex multiplication
    2015 Paul Breutmann The Carlitz logarithm as a period morphism


  • Diploma students

    2015 Andreas Mazzola Isogenies between supersingular Anderson-motives
    2012 Sven Rählmann Boundedness for certain reductive groups
    2010 Ann-Kristin Juschka

    The Hodge Conjecture for Function Fields
    (expanded version under 24 on "Publications")

    2010 Alla Mihaleva Relation between the quadratic reciprocity law and Artin's reciprocity law
    2010 Franziska Schneider The Drinfeld-Hayes Theorem
    2009 Christian Liguda The Robba ring
    2009 Antje Pelzer The main theorem of complex multiplication for Anderson A-Motive
    2009 Anne Schindler Anderson A-Motive with complex multiplication
    2008 Thomas Fessler The semilinear theorem and its consequences for isomorphisms of F-crystals and local shtukas
    2008 David Hülsmeier To lift local shtukas
    2008 Michael Molz Elementary properties of the moduli space of abelian τ-sheaves
    2008 Tobias Richter Supersingular Anderson-motives
    2008 Konstantin Seiler Analytic triviality of a family of τ-modules
    2007 Matthias Bornhofen

    Abelian Sheaves over Finte Fields
    (expanded versions under (c), 11, and 14 on "Publications")

    2006 Markus Hendler

    Representability and formal properness of isomorphism class functors for Drinfeld modules and abelian sheaves
    (expanded version under 29 on "Publications")

    2006 Judith Klahm Construction of an elliptic curve over a finite field with prescribed group structure
    2006 Karoline Rohweder Uniformizability of abelian t-modules
    2006 Markus Stein Elliptic curves with complex multiplication and associated modular forms


  • Master of Education

    2017 Jan Schnepel Bernoulli numbers and Bernoulli-Carlitz numbers
    2015 Christina Petersilie The Hasse-Minkowski theorem for quadratic forms
    2013 Claudia Hellmann Classification of archimedean solids
    2010 Philipp Heinicke Construction and animation of the platonic and archimedian solids
    2010 Klaudia Kwickert

    Construction of Cubus Simus via paperfolding
    (expanded version under 17 on "Publications")


  • Staatsexamensarbeiten

    2011 Denise Krause Flexes of cubic curves
  • Bachelor of Science

    2021 Annika Holtrup The Quadratic Reciprocity Law over Rational Function Fields
    2020 Doris Grothusmann The commutativity of Hecke algebras via the Gelfand trick
    2018 Rachel Kühn Isogenies of A-Motives
    2017 Antonia Klein-Reesink Semi-simple rings and modules
    2016 Janna Franzkeit Drinfeld-Modules
    2016 Lisa Li τ-Invariants of A-Motives
    2016 Henning Wendtland Definition of A-Motives
    2013 Jonas Stelzig Class Field Theory
    2013 Jonas Tebbe Strong Approximation in SL_n


  • Bachelor (2-Fach)

    2016 Matthias-Martin Gerhold Tilings of Space by Octahedra and Tetrahedra
    2016 Malte Karrasch Produkt Decomposition in Quadratic Number Fields
    2016 Rachel Scheufen Norms in Quadratic Number Fields and Decomposition of Prime Numbers
    2015 Robert Gas Quadratic Number Fields
    2015 Tanja Inga Hommen Fractional Ideals
    2015 Sebastian Kraft Vertex Transitive Polyhedra
    2015 Katharina Langa Calculating with Ideals
    2015 Julian Rose Applications of the Quadratic Reciprocity Law to Diophantine Equations
    2015 Malte Seifert The Splitting Law for Prime Numbers in Quadratic Number Fields
    2015 Alexander Ueckert Convex Polyhedra
    2015 Lisa Wirbel Comparison of Hensel's Lemma with Newton's Method
    2015 Max Zaun Cyclotomic Polynomials
    2014 Alexandra Papst The Catalan solids
    2014 Jonas Rensinghoff Euler's polyhedral formula
    2014 Enno Stemmerich The symmetry groups of the archimedean solids
    2010 Doris Burrichter The theorems of Euler and Descartes
    2010 Claudia Hellmann Netisomorphisms for the cube, the octahedron, and the icosahedron
    2010 Benedikt Köhler Steinitz's theorem on 3-connected planar graphs
    2010 Eva Konopatzky Convex polytopes and graph theory
    2010 Nadine Stratmann The constancy of volume for the Steffen polyhedron
    2010 Lisa Wiechers The golden ratio related to the platonic solids
    2008 Daniel Achtelik Construction of the Platonic solids
    2008 David Bomas Archimedean solids
    2008 Klaudia Kwickert The symmetry groups of the Platonic solids
    2008 Melanie Wiecher The finite rotation groups of space