Southern Africa



Texts by individual authors

Texts by individual authors

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EngSem PAF Coet C:5, in print

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EngSem PAF Dang C:1, in print

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Ordered for EngSem, still in print

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EngSem PAF Fuga B:4, in print

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EngSem PAF Head C:1, in print

Hove, Chenjerai. Bones. David Phillips Publishers, 1988. (novel)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Marechera, Dambudzo. House of Hunger. London: Heinemann, 1990. (short stories, 1978)
EngSem PAF Mare C:1, in print

Vera, Yvonne. Why Don’t Your Carve Other Animals. Toronto: TSAR, 1992. (short stories)
EngSem PAF Vera C:1, in print

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Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Paton, Alan. Cry the Beloved Country. A Story of Comfort in Desolation. Vintage, 2002. (novel, 1948)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print


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EngSem PAF 620:8, in print

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EngSem PAF 630:5, in print

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EngSem PAF 620:4, in print

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EngSem PAF 620:5, in print

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EngSem PAF 640:1, in print

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EngSem PAF 630:2, in print

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EngSem PAF 620:3, in print

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EngSem PAF 620:1, in print


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Ordered for EngSem; though out of print

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EngSem PAF 200:2, in print

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EngSem PAF 100:3, in print

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EngSem PAF 200:16, in print

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EngSem PAF 200:3, in print

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EngSem PAF 400:3, in print

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EngSem PAF 200:7, in print

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Ordered for EngSem, still in print