Texts by individual authors

Texts by individual authors

Carey, Peter. Oscar and Lucinda. NY: Harper & Row, 1988. (novel)
EngSem PAU Care C:5, in print

Davis, Jack. No Sugar. Sydney: Currency Press, 2004. (play, 1986)
EngSem PAU Davi2 C:1, in print

Grenville, Kate. Dark Places. London: Picador, 2002. (novel, 1994)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Hospital, Janette Turner. North of Nowhere, South of Loss. New York: Norton, 2004. (novel)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Keneally, Thomas. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1972. (novel)
EngSem PAU Kene C:1, in print

Kinsella, John. The Hunt and Other Poems. London: Bloodaxe Books, 1998.
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Lawson, Henry. The Bush Undertaker and Other Stories. Sydney: Harper Collins, 2001. (short stories, 1970)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Malouf, David. 12 Edmonstone Street. London: Vintage, 1999. (autobiography, 1985)
Ordered for EngSem, still in print

Morgan, Sally. My Place. London: Virago, 2007. (autobiography, 1987)
EngSem PAU Morg E:1, in print

White, Patrick. Voss. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1968. (novel, 1957)
EngSem PAU Whit C:2, in print


Davis, Jack, ed. Paperbark: A Collection of Black Australian Writings. St. Lucia, Queensland: Univ. of Queensland Press, 1993.
EngSem PAU 600:7, in print

Hergenhan, Laurie. The Australian Short Story. An Anthology from the 1890s to the 1980s. St. Lucia: Univ. of Queensland Press, 1986.
EngSem PAU 620:3, in print

Murray, Les, ed. The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1986.
EngSem PAU 630:8, in print

Porter, Peter, ed. The Oxford Book of Modern Australian Verse. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1996.
EngSem PAU 630:1, in print

Tranter, John, et al, eds. The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Poetry. Penguin, 1991.
Ordered for EngSem, still in print


Clancy, Laurie. A Reader’s Guide to Australian Fiction. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1992.
EngSem PAU 100:5; out of print

Davison, Graeme,  eds. The Oxford Companion to Australian History. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 2001.
EngSem PAU 200:5, in print

Macintyre, Stuart. A Concise History of Australia. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2005.
EngSem PAU 200:2, in print

Rickard, John. Australia: A Cultural History. London: Longman Cheshire, 1988.
EngSem OYb 40/9, in print

Webby, Elizabeth, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2000.
EngSem PAU 400:8, in print