Additional resources

Below you can find an overview on additional resources that we consider helpful for research or information purposes in the postcolonial and transnational field.

For an extensive collection of important essays in postcolonial studies click here.
If you are researching more broadly on on critical theory this PDF is a good starting point.

Author profiles
Digital databases
Visual/performance art

Author profiles

British Council Literature

Comprehensive author profiles provided by the British Council

New Zealand Literature File: Bibliographies of New Zealand Authors, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Digital databases
Database to explore or reconstruct the lives of individuals who were enslaved, owned slaves, or participated in the historical slave trade.


BBC history page

The Legacy Project
Collection of trauma legacies: 20th century, Africa, America, Asia

Mundus Collection
Gateway to missionary collections in the United Kingdom

School of Oriental and African Studies
Numerous links to resources on African Studies

Lachlan & Elizabeth Macquarie Archive (LEMA)
on colonial Australia, India, and Sri Lanka

History & Culture of Africa & the African diaspora 

Visual/ performance art

Arts Council England
national development agency for the arts in England

British Library Collections of maps

British Library Images online
access to thousands of images from the British Library's unparalleled collections

International Artist Database

Gallery on African, Asian and Caribbean art

socially engaged culture and art


Ethnologue: Languages of the world


Internet movie database, incl. film pictures