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Join other alumni in supporting the University’s “ProTalent” scholarship programme
Scholarship holders in front of the Schloss.
Scholarship holders in front of the Schloss.
© WWU - Peter Grewer

Studying hard, doing voluntary work and making time for a semester abroad: since 2011, all these have been made possible by the Alumni-Club WWU Münster for some of the high-performing, engaged students at our University – and made possible through the donations the Alumni-Clubreceives from its members, and through the Club’s support for the University’s “ProTalent” scholarship programme.

In the current funding year alone, a total of 34 students are receiving funding through donations made by Münster University alumni and their companies, by the Alumni-Club WWU Münster and by other alumni associations. With your help, we want to continue to expand our support for today’s generation of students.

Our ProTalent network of donors since the 2016/2017 funding year

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The team of the Alumni-Club WWU Münster and the four scholarship holders of the current scholarship year.
The team of the Alumni-Club WWU Münster and the four scholarship holders of the current scholarship year.
© WWU - Thomas Mohn

Your support for ProTalent – a strong community

Together with other alumni, you can make a big difference. We collect all individual donations made, and as soon as an amount of 1,800 euros has been raised, the donations are combined for a scholarship and, the state matches the amount. Alternatively, you can donate 1,800 euros to cover a complete scholarship and, in doing so, help a scholarship holder for one year.

Our account for donations:

Alumni-Club WWU Münster
Universitätskasse Münster
IBAN DE22 3005 0000 0000 0660 27
Verwendungszweck (reference):
3240041900 / ProTalent (mandatory information)

Any donation you make to the ProTalent scholarship programme is tax-deductible in Germany.

Many thanks indeed for your help!

If you yourself, or your company, are interested in donating a complete scholarship, you can find all the relevant information in the Internet on the scholarship programme homepage (in German) – or simply contact us directly.

Here is a list showing which alumni are already making donations to the Alumni-Club WWU Münster in its support for the scholarship programme.

How the ProTalent scholarships work

Every year, suitable scholarship holders – from all 15 of the University’s departments – are chosen by a central commission. Social engagement and special social, personal and family circumstances are part of the selection criteria just as much as academic achievements at school and university. ProTalent scholarship holders receive 300 euros per month. What’s special about the scheme is that the scholarships – which are based on the Deutschlandstipendium – are funded in equal parts by the state and by private donors. Donors and scholarship holders can, if both parties so wish, meet and stay in contact.

Donations go straight to the recipients

A scholarship is awarded in recognition both of academic success achieved so far and of special engagement. But, in particular, it offers new perspectives for students, giving them the opportunity to develop their creative ideas without having any financial worries. The full 300 euros of financial support is made available to the students every month, and no deductions are made.

Good reasons for offering support

There are many good reasons for supporting young people in their university careers. By supporting the ProTalent Deutschlandstipendium,

  • you, as an alumna or alumnus, support gifted, engaged students and, in doing so, you strengthen your ties to your alma mater in a very special way,
  • you enable students to develop their talents,
  • you provide new opportunities for students to go abroad, avail themselves of cross-disciplinary offers and do voluntary work,
  • you strengthen the University of Münster as a centre of education and research, and you support the establishment of a living scholarship culture, and
  • you help to make our society fit to face the future.