Research and teaching are not ends in themselves in the understanding of the University of Münster. The university sees itself as an engine of social progress and wants to initiate and anchor civil society processes. This involves enabling citizens to participate in science. The University of Münster has many years of experience with various Citizen Science projects already. The Citizen Science Working Group would like to further strengthen the significance of the Citizen Science approach, raise awareness of the Citizen Science potential in research projects and stimulate new projects.

The University of Münster developed quality guidelines for their citizen science projects. Please check  for further informations. Please excuse the fact that our German web sites are not yet completely translated.

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“For the University of Münster it is a matter of the heart to promote Citizen Science approaches. They have the potential to strengthen science sustainably or to anchor it in society. They can provide important impulses for new research questions as well as solutions for politics and industry."
Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Knowledge Transfer