Our library contains a large selection of books, publications and periodicals (at the moment approx. 1900 vols.). The Institute's library is a reference library. Lendings from the library are possible (after consultation).

You may search our Library via the Institute's online catalogue[de].
You may also search the main catalogue of the University and State Library Münster.

The Library covers the following subjects

Section Subject
I General section (Handbooks, dictionaries, anthologies, illustrated books, etc.)
II History / Cultural history
III Topography
IV Museum and exhibition catalogues (listed by countries)
V Orthodoxy / Theology
VI Economy
VIII Education
IX Ethnology
X Cartography / Atlases
XI Music
XIII Festschriften /Commemorative Publications
XIV Philology / Linguistics / Literature
XV Medicine / Natural science / Earth science
Zs Periodicals