Every now and then, the Institute organises conferences on Cypriot themes/topics or supports others during their activities. The Institute also offers its help in conferences which lack direct reference to Cypriot topics, provided that Cypriot researchers/scholars are involved.
The conferences are mostly international and take place in Cyprus, Germany or other countries of the European Union.

Hitherto, the Institute has organised or been involved in the following conferences:

  • Juni 2016: Internationale Tagung, Church Building in Cyprus (4th to 7th Centuries) - A Mirror of Intercultural Contact in the Eastern Mediterranean, Mainz
  • December 2012: International Symposium “Cyprus in Medieval Times – a Place of Cultural Encounter”, Münster (Germany)
  • November 2010: International Workshop "Cultural Contacts in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean and Their Impact on the Development of Urban Structures (3rd - 1st Millenium B.C.)", Münster (Germany)
  • September 2010: Caterina Cornaro Colloquium, Venice (Italy)
  • November 2008: Patterns of Urbanisation and Cultural Exchange in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Regions from the 3rd to the 1st Millenium B.C., Münster (Germany)
  • October 2006: Zypern und der Vordere Orient im 19. Jahrhundert – Die Levante im Fokus von Politik und Wissenschaft der europäischen Staaten, Münster (Cyprus and the Near East in the 19th century – The Levant through the lens of (European) Politics and Science of the European Countries), Münster (Germany)
  • November 2005: Die britische Herrschaft auf Zypern und ihre Auswirkungen auf das unabhängige Zypern, Nicosia (British Rule on Cyprus and its Consequences/Implications for Independent Cyprus), Münster (Germany)
  • September 2004: First International Conference on Medical Ethics, Nicosia (Cyprus)
  • July 2004: International Symposium zur zyprischen Archäologie, Erlangen (International Symposium on Cypriot Archaeology), Erlangen (Germany)
  • April 2002: Symposium zur Archäologie Zyperns, Berlin (Symposium on the Archaeology of Cyprus), Berlin (Germany)
  • October 2001: International Symposium on the Legal System of the Republic of Cyprus, Münster
  • April 1998: Symposium on Integration of Cyprus into the European Union – Aspects of Economic Policy, Nicosia (Cyprus)