Coaching Offerings at the ZHL

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Individual teaching consultation on the design of courses

ZHL offers all teachers at the EMU individual consulting on teaching-related issues. The goal of the consultation is to open up room for maneuver within one's own teaching and to strengthen one's own competence. This consultation is aimed at teachers with little experience as well as experienced teachers who would like to revise certain aspects of their teaching. Among others, the following concerns can be addressed:

  • (Time-)Effective course planning
  • Developing and setting learning objectives
  • Developing courses in terms of student activation and competence orientation
  • Testing and implementing new teaching methods

Individual teaching advice in dealing with challenges in teaching

In the context of teaching, there are always situations in which teachers feel insecure about their actions and decisions and question them. In the consultation, we address these situations and work out a way of dealing with them together. The topics can come from these areas, for example

Developing an understanding of one's role and inner attitude as a lecturer and shaping it in the area of tension between other university roles.

Identifying challenges in your own teaching and recognizing development horizons (e.g. group dynamic situations, time management)

Individual teaching advice on the certificate program

Various questions may arise in connection with the NRW certificate program "Professional Teaching Competence for Higher Education". We will be happy to provide you with information, for example, on the procedure or requirements for obtaining the certificate, or advise you individually on courses that are suitable for you.  

Individual teaching advice on digital teaching

The ZHLDigital office provides advice in particular on the use of the learning management system "Learnweb" and the digitization of teaching-related materials. If you would like advice on the possibilities in the area of digital teaching and in particular on the offers from this area provided centrally at the WWU, please feel free to contact Dr. Markus Marek.