The Zentrum für Wissenschaftstheorie

The Zentrum für Wissenschaftstheorie - Center for Philosophy of Science (ZfW) was founded on 26 January 2006 as an institutionalised, interdisciplinary research collective. Originally seven departments of Münster University were involved, a number that has since risen to 11. In 2020 the ZfW was transformed into a central scientific insitution of University of Münster still being devoted to questions and inquiries in all fields of philosophy of science, including history and sociology of science.

The aim of founding the ZfW was to create a centre for the philosophy of science that combines multiple research interests and organises interdisciplinary events. By this combination and the intensifying research and teaching in the field of philosophy of science at Münster University, the ZfW seeks to contribute to current debates in philosophy of science by organising innovative events and research. Moreover, the ZfW regularly participates in planning and establishing a wide range of courses in philosophy of science at Münster University as well as supporting the interdisciplinary structure of the graduate studies in the field of philosophy of science.