13. - 15. Juli 2007

The Nature of Scientific Evidence


  • Peter Achinstein (University of Baltimore): "Atom's Empirical Eve: Methodological Disputes About Evidence"
  • Andreas Hüttemann (WWU Münster): Kommentar zu Achinstein
  • Richard N. 'Dick' Boyd (University of Ithaca): "Radical Contingency in the Epistemology of Science: Projectibility, Intuitions, and the Failure of Foundationalism"
  • Markus Seidel (WWU Münster): Kommentar zu Boyd
  • Christian Suhm (WWU Münster): "The Dialectics of Scientific Progress: How Empirical Evidence Feeds the Machinery of Inference to the Best Explanation"
  • Martin Hoffmann (WWU Münster): Kommentar zu Suhm
  • Brigitte Falkenburg (Universität Dortmund): "Observation and Measurement in Particle Physics"
  • Holger Lyre (Universität Bonn): Kommentar zu Falkenburg
  • Martin Carrier (Universität Bielefeld): "Assessing the Impact of Scientific Evidence: The Role of Methodological Theory"
  • Nicola Mößner (WWU Münster): Kommentar zu Carrier
  • Raja Rosenhagen (WWU Münster): "McDowell, Schantz, and the Question of Whether There Has to Be Non-Conceptual Content"
  • Axel Bühler (Universität Düsseldorf): "Sources as Evidence in History"
  • Oliver Scholz (WWU Münster): "Empirical Assumptions or Presumption Rules With Defeasible Presumptions? Comments on Axel Bühler's 'Sources as Evidence in History'"