Seminar "Regularity of actions on compact spaces"

Termin: Mo, 16.00 s.t - 18.00 s.t., Raum M6 (Einsteinstraße 64)

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
08.04.2019 Organisation Meeting
15.04.2019 Arthur Bartels The Farrell-Jones Conjecture and N-F-amenability.
22.04.2019 Ostern
29.04.2019 Wilhelm Winter C*-dynamics.
06.05.2019 Giles Gardam Asymptotic dimension and dynamic asymptotic dimension.
13.05.2019 Kristin Courtney Tower dimension I.
20.05.2019 Kristin Courtney Tower dimension II.
27.05.2019 Andre Schemaitat Nuclear dimension and tower dimension.
03.06.2019 Julian Kranz Almost finiteness and comparison I.
10.06.2019 Pfingstferien
17.06.2019 Julian Kranz Almost finiteness and comparison II.
24.06.2019 Arthur Bartels Tower dimension for nilpotent groups.


  • Guentner, Erik; Willett, Rufus; Yu, Guoliang: Dynamic asymptotic dimension: relation to dynamics, topology, coarse geometry, and C*algebras.
  • Bartels, A.: Coarse flow spaces for relatively hyperbolic groups.
  • Kerr, David: Dimension, comparison, and almost finiteness.