Oberseminar Topologie (WS 2023/24)

Research Seminar Topology WS 2023/24

Date: Wed, 4:30–5:30 pm, room: SRZ 205

The seminar is organised by Johannes Ebert

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
11.10.2023 Julia Semikina (Uni Münster) K-theory of manifolds and cobordisms
18.10.2023 Florian Kranhold (KIT) A stable splitting of factorisation homology of generalised surfaces
25.10.2023 Robin J. Sroka (Uni Münster)

Steinberg modules and high-dimensional rational cohomology of symplectic groups

08.11.1013 Dominik Kirstein (Universität Bonn) A twisted Bass-Heller-Swan decomposition for localising invariants
15.11.2023 Thorben Kastenholz (Uni Göttingen) Stability and instability of bounded cohomology
22.11.2023 Shirly Geffen (Uni Münster) Amenable actions of nonamenable groups
29.11.2023 David Kerr (Uni Münster) McDuff factors and topological full groups
06.12.2023 Lukas Stöveken (Uni Münster)

Moduli spaces of proper G-manifolds

13.12.2023 Elizabeth Tatum (Uni Bonn) Equivariant Brown-Gitler spectra and their applications
14.12.2023 12.30-13.30, SRZ 204 Noah Riggenbach (Northwestern University) K_n-regularity propagation
20.12.2023 Catherine Ray (Uni Münster) Inverse Galois Theory as Thor's Hammer
10.01.2024 tba tba
17.01.2024 Christian Ausoni (Université Paris 13) On the K-theory of real topological K-theory
24.01.2024 tba tba
31.01.2024 tba tba