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  • current semester (WS 2018/2019)


    • Group Theory
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Ebert
      Mon, Thu 12-14, M3
    • Topology I
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Nikolaus
      Mon, Thu 10-12, M3
    • Topology II
      Leitung: Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss, Robin Loose
      Di, Fr 10-12 Uhr, M6


    • Algebraic K-theory
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Ebert, Dr. Achim Zeidler
      Tue 14-16, N3
    • Derived algebraic geometry and elliptic cohomology
      Leitung: Prof. Dr. Thomas Nikolaus, Prof. Dr. Sarah Scherotzke, Stefano Ariotta
      Di 12-14, SR5
    • p-adic Analysis
      Leitung: apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Joachim, apl. Prof. Dr. Wend Werner
      23.02. - 02.03.2019 (Blockseminar)
    • Rational Homotopy Theory
      Leitung: Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss, Leon Hendrian
      Mi 16-18, N1
  • past courses

    All courses of past semesters may be found here, sorted by lecturer.