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  • current semester (SS 2018)


    • Linear Algebra II
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Arthur Bartels
      Tue, Fr 8-10, M1
    • Homology of groups
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Ebert
      Mon, Thu 10-12, SR1B
    • Theory of Functions
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Nikolaus
      Mon, Thu 10-12, N3 (Orléansring 10)
    • Curvature and characteristic classes
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Weiss
      Mon, Th 8-10, M5


    • PhD student seminar
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Arthur Bartels
      Mon 16-18 Uhr, SR1C
    • Topological Seminar: K-Theory
      Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Ebert, Dr. Rudolf Zeidler
      Tue 10-12, SR1A
    • Seminar: Geometry of real division algebras
      Lecturer: apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Joachim, Markus Schmetkamp
      Wed 12-14, N3 (Orléansring 10)
  • past courses

    All courses of past semesters may be found here, sorted by lecturer.