Since 2018 the Institute of Linguistics comprises the chair of General Linguistics and the chair of Indo-European Linguistics. After a long vacancy, the chair of General and Comparative Linguistics of the University of Münster was taken up by Dejan Matić in the winter semester 2017/18. The new professor, together with the newly employed collaborators, continues the traditional focus of the linguistic research in Münster on linguistic typology, language description and documentation. At the same time, the research focus at the institute has been expanded to include discourse studies, information structure and pragmatic typology, as well as research on indigenous multilingualism. Link to video

The Master's program "Empirical and Applied Linguistics" (EAL) is the first interdisciplinary linguistics program in Münster. All students interested in languages can study the basic areas of linguistics together before separating into specializations in General Linguistic, Indo-European Studies, German, English, Romance, and Dutch Linguistics. The electives, which have an exceptional breadth of content, and the practical module are then completed together again.
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Department of Linguistics offers PhD degrees in General and Comparative Linguistics.