Transfer Concept

© Bastian Arnholdt (Medienlabor IfS)

The three central tasks of universities are research, teaching and transfer. While established strategies and formats exist for the first two tasks, universities often struggle with the transfer of academic knowledge into practice. This is also true for sports science in general and sports education in particular. As application-oriented sciences "from practice for practice" (Meinberg), sports pedagogy and sports didactics are predestined to develop application-oriented knowledge and to pass it on to school and extracurricular practice.

Against this background, the research area "Education and Instruction in Sport" has set itself the goal of promoting systematic transfer activities in the sense of dissemination, in addition to the incidental dissemination of scientific knowledge through more or less incidental publications (diffusion). This includes continuing education activities, conferences and events, own publication formats such as journals and book series, various networks and, last but not least, targeted transfer projects in the sense of implementing concepts in school and non-school practice. To this end, the department cooperates with numerous partners.