Research Focus

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The research activities of the research area focus on educational and teaching processes of children and adolescents in sports. In the sense of a sports pedagogy of diversity, categories such as ethnic and social origin, gender and physical activity status are addressed. The field is examined from three research perspectives:

  • Sports teacher training and continuing education (personal factors): This includes attitudes and competencies of sports students and sports teachers. Research projects concern, among other things, the education of physical education teachers, the qualification of exercise instructors, and continuing education research.
  • Individual support and task culture (task factors): This includes activities of sports teachers in terms of targeted, systematic support. Research projects concern, among other things, the promotion of creativity, the promotion of executive functions, and the promotion of boys.
  • Children's and youth sports and all-day education (environmental factors): This includes framework conditions in the sense of a socio-spatial learning environment. Research projects concern, among other things, informal learning processes, participation and integration in schools, all-day schools, sports clubs, and educational networks.