IRTG/SFB858 - Vocational Training & Soft Skill Seminars
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IRTG/SFB858 - Vocational Training & Soft Skill Seminars

The SFB 858 provides a structured tutorial training for all graduate students of the Integrated Research Training Group "Principles and Apllications of Cooperative Systems" (IRTG/SFB858) comprising a lecture series (Ringvorlesung) on current scientific topics, the internal IRTG/SFB858 seminar as the working platform of the graduate students and annually workshops.
Furthermore, the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy (e.g. with basic business studies) as well as the WWU Münster (e.g. via the WWU Graduate Center) provide continious support with regular training courses with respect to the individual requirements.

These programmes are flanked by the following tailor-made vocational training and soft skill seminars organized - and partly developed - by the SFB 858:

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Vocational Training / Soft Skill Seminar:
Training your leading skills

2017-05-31: Growing your leadership skills - exploring the key communication skills that will continously make you grow as a leader, as becoming a skilled leader is a life-long learning process. This training (12:30 - 4:30 am, O4) offers tools to continously refine and improve your communication skills and your effectiveness when leading and engaging others. We will experiment with different tools by using concrete examples from your working context. []

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The 6th Industry Conference
"FoChin - Forschung der Chemischen Industrie"

2017-05-04: For the sixth time the SFB 858 hosts the industry conference "Forschung der Chemischen Industrie (FoChIn)" on May 4th 2017 within the lecture hall building of the chemical institutes at the WWU Münster. Several recognised research experts from international companies give insight into their daily business, research strategies and latest developments. Furthermore, PhD students from the Department of Chemistry & Pharmacy contribute with talks on their latest results as well, making this meeting a perfect merger between industry and academic research. The lectures are flanked by a poster session covering all aspects from the diverse disciplines present at chemistry in Münster. Guests are welcome!
(Downloads: Poster [pdf, print (4.2 MB)] - Poster [jpeg, screen (283 KB)])

Sfb Evnts C Cramer

Tutorial Lecture Series:
Pure Passion – The fascinating brand Borussia Dortmund

2017-03-29: Carsten Cramer, Director Sales & Marketing at the Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA gives an insight into the marketing of the BVB with a lecture entitled "Pure Passion – The fascinating brand Borussia Dortmund" at 5:15 pm in lecture hall C2. Guests are welcome. The lecture is part of the tutorial lectures series (Ringvorlesung), jointly held with the IRTG 2027.

Sfb Evnts A Bordeleau
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Vocational Training / Soft Skill Seminar:
Women in leading positions

2017-03-08: Leading and Influencing with more Presence - How to represent your interests with confidence. This hands-on and interactional workshop (9:00 am - 4:30 pm) offers the opportunity to practive the skills needed to convey a clear and confidence message to influential partners. We will mainly focus developing the following skills: 1.) how to set clear goals, 2.) how to listen carefully to better understand the context and language needed, 3.) how to convey a clear, consistent and confident message for the partner. []

Sfb Evnts E Kolbeck
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Vocational Training (Project Z03):
How to communicate chemistry?

2017-02-10 / Individual Appointments: What kind of advantages arise from recording presentations and examine the videotaped situation regarding self-reflection and feedback? In situations, where self- and external perception differ a lot, video feedback might be a helpful method to make the perceptions match because the “blind spot” - describing behaviors and patterns, which are unknown to the speaker himself but obvious to everybody else - is going to become smaller. Due to this, the influence of a developed video feedback method on powerpoint presentations is tested. PhD students of the SFB 858 present a short part of their current research projects. Main target of the work is to study the development process of the speaker, the layout criteria of a “good” presentation and the feedback process, which is analyzed in a pre-/posttest design by interviews, video records and questionnaires.
[project Z03]

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Tutorial Lecture Series:
Good Scientific Practice (Part II)
Presenting Scientific Content – Common Goods & Specific Needs

2017-09-23 (Workshop of the IRTG/SFB858 in Billerbeck): Is there something special about presenting scientific content in general and chemical content in particular? Why do chemists often do not feel comfortable with corporate designed presentation style settings?
In the second part of the lecture series the following question will be discussed: How do the requirements of our scientific disciplines match widely accepted demands on e.g. presentations? How can we decide which content may be left out, how can other items be emphasized? What are the advantages and drawbacks of animations? Is there latent information, e.g. considering the use of colour, letters, background? Contradictory examples will be given for illustration, also discussing subjective viewpoints.

Sfb Evnts Asi
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Vocational Training / Soft Skill Seminar:
Job interview

2016-03-09: What are the secrets of success for the job interview? This training (3:oo pm, O4) offers an insight into the topics of presenting your own personality, the design of the application dossier, online applications, questions and pitfalls, as well as "dos and donts"at the job interview.

Sfb Evnts R Brstinghaus
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Vocational Training / Soft Skill Seminar
(by Dr. Rainer Bürstinghaus, formerly BASF SE):
From Exploration towards Innovation
R&D Project Management - Key Tools for Chemists (f/m)

2014-07-09: The aim of the seminar "R&D Project Management - Key Tools for Chemists (f/m)" by Dr. Rainer Bürstinghaus (2:00 pm, seminar room A2) is to introduce chemistry grad students into the project management environment found in chemical industry. How may innovation result from exploration? Organization, proceedings and structure of projects will be discussed giving best practice examples. Finally, the role of the chemist in such projects will be illustrated.