Anna Blundell, M.A.

Anna Blundell, M.A.

Johannisstr. 1
48143 Münster

  • Doctoral Thesis

    The Meaning of Existential Commitments for Personal Identity

    Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Michael Quante
    Doctoral Subject
    Targeted Doctoral Degree
    Dr. phil.
    Awarded by
    Department 08 – History/Philosophy
    In my project “The Meaning of Existential Commitments for Personal Identity”, I pursue the analysis of religious expressions by analyzing religious speech acts for the purpose of a clarification of what type of speech acts such religious ‘expressions’ pose and what the speakers are claiming and whether such expressions are even truth apt. Such a clarification can serve to make visible what happens in religious contexts and what speakers may be claiming about the world around them and, especially interestingly, about themselves.
  • Research Article (Book Contribution)

    • Anna Blundell, Simon Derpmann, Konstantin Schnieder, Ricarda Geese. . ‘Indirect Consequentialism and Moral Psychology.’ In Philip Pettit: Five Themes from his Work, edited by Simon Derpmann, David Schweikard, 81–90. Dordrecht: Springer VDI Verlag. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-26103-4_8.