Doctoral Studies Programme

The doctoral programme of the Graduate School requires a dissertation on a subject from the field of tension between religion and politics. During the doctoral period, doctoral students take part in the Graduate School’s study programme, which is supervised by three mentors from different disciplines. Besides academic seminars, workshops and conferences, which are all closely related to the research programme of the Cluster of Excellence, the programme also includes workshops to impart practical professional skills for careers within and outside academia.

Professors at the Cluster of Excellence supervise the dissertation projects, with a supervisory session being held at least once per semester to discuss the progress of the project. The mentors also support the doctoral students in organizational matters relating to the completion of the dissertation. The funding period is for three years.

Doctoral programme of the Graduate School

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Study programme to download in pdf format

  • Introductory seminar: Reading courses on basic questions of interdisciplinary research on religion for all doctoral students of a particular year
  • Advanced seminar: Seminar focusing on a particular theme under the direction of the mentors of the Graduate School
  • Workshops: Workshops run by doctoral candidates with external guests or members of other projects in the Cluster of Excellence
  • Group mentoring: Interdisciplinary meetings of doctoral students and mentors to discuss exposés and chapters of dissertations as well as project-related publications
  • Individual mentoring: Tutorials offered by mentors for doctoral students
  • Workshops in professional practice: events on selected aspects of career paths within and outside academia